Sector 5, Stand Down Please

I know it is late, and I apologize. But we wanted to give our trackers way out west in the ...
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Last Weather Report Needed in Sector 5

Santa wants another look at our weather -- especially out west of the Rockies: ...
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Roof Report Needed for Sector 5

Don't ask me why, Santa wants this again. We'll do anything we can to help, right? Just fill out the ...
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Sector 5 Chimneys Need an Inspection

Ok, guys. Let's get out there and check those chimneys for Santa. Let's keep him safe! ...
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Public Observance Required in Sector 5

This is a very unusual request. And for safety reasons I need to ask you to handle this carefully: 1 ...
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Rise and Shine, Sector 5

Santa wants to see, I want to see, and the world wants to see a smiley selfie of you -- ...
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Sector 5 is in the Red Zone

It's time! Sector 5 is in the red zone...meaning it's Christmas Eve and we are now on alert. If you ...
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Tracker Check Ins Soon

Tracker Alert: Worldwide Tracker Check-in Soon to Start

Tracker Friends, This may be my final general post of this season. The news from this point forward should come ...
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Sector 5 Elves on the North Pole Podcast

Sector 5 Trackers on the North Pole Podcast

Hey elves! Go over to and listen to the newest episode of the North Pole Podcast. It features not ...
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New City Captains

Sector 5 Has Two New City Captains

I was just informed by the Department of Elf Resources that we missed the promotions of two very important elves ...
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