Elf Recruiting Tools

Elf Recruiting Tools Added

There are new elf recruiting tools added to help you find more elves to join our merry effort. Click here to access them.

There are several new features.

First, we have new images for use on social media. They come in different sizes for use on different channels. Square images, for example, are made for use on Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok. Rectangular images or “landscape” shaped pictures are used on Facebook and Twitter.

Second, SantaTrackers.net has now joined Instagram. You can find us at this link.

Third, we have added some social media jump links to all pages and posts on SantaTrackers.net. The look like this at the bottom of every page. If you have an account with any of those sites you can quickly link any page on SantaTrackers.net as a post with just the click of a button:

Social Media Links








We have some other new features to be announced very soon.

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Elf Ivy Holley
Elf Ivy Holley is the Social Media Coordinator for SantaTrackers.net, making her part of the Elf Recruitment Team for the Department of Elf Resources. Elf Ivy has mastered the art of the Tweet, the Post and the Snap, conquering social media Christmas of all types. She is a graduate of the school of Journalism at Southern North Pole University with a degree in public relations. She lives with her cat named Coal in North Pole Village and frequently visits her native hometown of Bozeman, Montana. She is the youngest of 5 children, all girls.
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Elf Cookie Dough

Ooh these are great thank you for all you elves do to make this site so amazing, your all awesome!

Elf Ullrich

Amazing site! Thanks!