Stocking Mail

Stocking Mail is NOT for Tracking

At some point in the upcoming weeks there will be a conversation over at about Stocking Mail. It usually generates confusion. Unfortunately that confusion starts here in the tracker elf community. So we wanted to put something out about it now so that mistakes can be avoided in the weeks ahead. The North Pole... Read more

Sector 3

Sector 3 HQ in Iceland Suspends Operations

After consultation with Icelandic authorities and after meeting with a senior team of elves in North Pole Flight Command, Santa Claus today authorized the suspension of operations at the Regional Tracking Center located in Vik, Iceland. The move comes out of “an abundance of caution” due to recent volcanic and earthquake activity in Iceland. For... Read more


Alert for All Elves in All Sectors

Attention all Trackers: In a conversation this morning with Elf Roger Star, Director of North Pole Flight Command, he referenced this posted news at North Pole Flight Command. Flight Command is working to meet Santa’s requests for changes to the sleigh. It will require some assistance from us over the next couple of days. If... Read more

Chat Recap

Transcript of the Elf Supervisor Chat

Elf Crash Murphy and several of the Elf Supervisors met in Elf Chat to answer questions of the elf community. This is a transcript of their conversation: Elf Max Trying to get the supes in here now....they don't know what to do!!! Elf Chocolate Snowflakes yes Elf Pinky Hey!!! Elf Ulan Yeah, Elf Max Elf... Read more