Freelance Elf Report
All elves under contract as freelancers use this one report for all reporting needs. Your report is routed to North Pole Flight Command as well as to your Elf Supervisor.

Good reports are vital to the Santa effort. Santa depends on these reports for when he flies around the world. Please do not use these reports for anything other than what is requested by your Elf Supervisor. The timing, as well as content, of your report is very important. You should not send in a report until it is requested or only if there is an emergency.

This report should NEVER be used to communicate directly with Santa, to be used as a wish list, or a contact request with anyone at the North Pole.

These reports are the most serious thing you can do as an elf. For elves aspiring for North Pole status and to advance your elf career you are advised to use these reports for how they are intended. They become a permanent part of your elf record and are used to evaluate your elf performance.

Check all that apply. Please NOTE: This report is not to send messages or wish lists to Santa.
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