Sector 2 News

Sector 2, Thank you!

Trackers...Santa made it easy on us this year. Our bedtime warnings have been received and it's time for us to ...
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Local Ground Report Needed

Ok, looks like Santa needs to know what might be on the ground: ...
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Roof Report Needed in Sector 2

Hey guys...Santa wants a roof report if you please have time: ...
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New Weather Report Needed in Sector 2

Gang, Flight Command has just requested a fresh local weather update from all areas of Sector 2 ...
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Weather Report Required in Sector 2

Greetings, Trackers! We need a weather update please: ...
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Tracker Check Ins Soon

Tracker Alert: Worldwide Tracker Check-in Soon to Start

Tracker Friends, This may be my final general post of this season. The news from this point forward should come ...
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Sector 2 Reports from Rudolph Island

Hello friends! The regional tracking center for Sector 2 is now operational from Rudolph Island, Russia. It serves Asia and ...
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New HQ for Sector 2

Sector 2 Receives a New Tracking Center

We are pleased to announce that the new Regional Tracking Center for Sector 2 will be located on Rudolph Island ...
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Merry Christmas Reported in Sector 2

It's still pretty early Christmas morning in Sector 2 but already we are hearing reports of a Merry Christmas there ...
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