Know Your Sector

The North Pole Flight Command Center has divided the world into 5 sectors, shown on the map below. Each Sector has its own Tracking and Flight Command Center (which is where your supervisor works). You can click on the map below to learn more about each sector, command center and supervisor.

  • Sector 1 — Oceania
  • — With a Tracking and Flight Command Center based in northern Australia this sector is the first to receive Santa’s deliveries. It covers the countries of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, all of Indonesia, Vanuatu, Japan, the Philippines, Guam, Wake Island, and extreme northern parts of Siberia near the International Dateline.

  • Sector 2 — Asia and the Middle East
  • — This massive sector covers a huge part of the world populated by billions of people. It covers all of Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, all of South East Asia and the countries of the Middle East.

  • Sector 3 — Europe and Africa
  • — Europe and Africa are both densely populated with believers that date back hundreds of years. The sector covers both continents completely.

  • Sector 4 — Central and South America
  • — From Mexico to the North and Argentina to the south this sector covers all the countries of Latin America including many of the island nations of the Caribbean.

  • Sector 5 — North America and Greenland
  • — Another huge area with hundreds of million Santa believers, most of which are very adept at tracking Santa. This covers all of Canada, the United States and the remote areas of Greenland and the Arctic.

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