Elf Badges

Elf badges are earned over time for a variety of things. You can get a badge for having a special elf job, participating in special activities, or engaging in the Elf Community in certain ways. Badges are given to recognize certain accomplishments or your service time as an elf.

Elf Certification Badges

Tracker 2nd Class
Tracker 1st Class
Verified Tracker Elf

Awards & Activity Badges

Elf of the Year
Five Years of Elf Service
Santa's Council
Birthday Registry
Bonus Freak
Santa Sleigh Badge

Elf Job Badges

City Captain
State Representative
Country Ambassador
Tracker Commander
Senior Elf
North Pole Media
Certified Podcaster
North Pole Zoologist
Elf Supervisor
Community Management
Group Moderator
Radio Elf
Sector Lead
Social Ambassador
Sector Weather Analyst
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