Sector Weather Analyst

Sector Weather Analyst Job Open

The new position of Sector Weather Analyst has just been posted by the Department of Elf Resources.

Elf Sandy Claus informs me that this position was requested by the Elf Supervisors to help stay on top of ever-changing weather conditions in every sector and to advise on flight operations.

The requirements in this position are fairly simple but there will be periods of intense activity.

Elves will be expected to be active and reporting in this role during flight-intensive periods, whether it is for Santa or for test flights.

A special closed group will be formed just for Weather Analysts so that Elf Supervisors can communicate with you separately. The reports you will be sending in will be different than standard weather reports and will take precedence.

This job is not exclusive and you can hold other elf positions while doing this job.

Due to the critical need for good information as it relates to weather each Elf Supervisor will be hiring specifically for his or her sector and there will be a number of elves placed in this position.

More details on this position can be found via the Elf Jobs page or by clicking here.

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Elf Max Elf Support Manager at the Santa Claus LTD company
Elf Max is the webmaster of and Executive Director of the Elf Community. Max has worked in computer systems web development for many years. He has been an anchor for the tracker elf program and has been with this project from the very beginning. When he's not tweaking the website he's running off to fix someone's computer.
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Elf weather tracker

I’m so glad that this job came up. I have been a advanced storm spotter for the last three years, I am certified through the NWS here in Oklahoma. I just hope that I can get this job, as my name does say weather tracker…

Elf Ulan

Thank you Elf Max for sharing this. I have been curious about whether there are weather changes from the past years on Christmas Eve around the world or not. And I learned about the field tracker elves too. I think that weather reports are very important for Santa, Elf Crash, and the field tracker elves, and this job is great too if I could. So I’ve taken the Elf Test again for it but the result was 93% that needed 95+. I’ll try it again lol!

Elf Cookie Dough

Thank You Elf Max that sounds like a fun job I’m glad this job came up.