Sector Weather Analyst

Job Title: Sector Weather Analyst
Closing Date: Ongoing
Job Type & Term: Permanent
Can you hold this position and another elf job at the same time? Yes, but there will be periods of time when the demands of this position may be intense, especially during the week of Christmas

Job Description: A Sector Weather Analyst researches and reports on weather events in all areas of the sector. The Sector Weather Analyst also advises sector leadership on flight plans for the sector, whether it is for Santa or for test flights of Santa’s sleigh. Here are additional details:

  1. Keep a general eye on Internet based news resources of weather events and forecasts
  2. You may be assigned one particular area of focus within the sector
  3. Send copies of forecasts for areas of concern to Sector HQ via a special online weather portal
  4. Repeated reporting will be required during flight events
  5. Participate in a closed group for weather elves on

Experience Required: You must be an active member of the Elf Community at with one year of service as a tracker elf.

Points Required: 5,000

Rank Required: Elite Elf or higher

Elf Knowledge Test Minimum Score Required: 95% – you gotta know all the elf stuff!

Certifications/Badges Required: Verified Elf

Verified Tracker Elf

Upon successful application and interview process, any elf taking on this position will be awarded 5,000 points and the following badge:

Sector Weather Analyst
We need weather analysts at all hours of the day and night, especially during the week of Christmas. We will be hiring several elves to fulfill the needs we have.
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