Sector 1 News

Thank You, Sector 1 – Stand Down Order Received

Pretty light duty this year, Sector 1! Thank you for helping Santa get through our sector quickly. Merry Christmas! You ...
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Sector 1 Air Traffic Info Needed

North Pole Flight Command is requesting that we send in an air traffic report as soon as we can: ...
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Ground Report Requested for Sector 1

This is an unusual request from Flight Command. But let's do it! ...
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We are in the Red Zone Sector 1!!!!

Here we go, Trackers! We're now officially in the Red Zone. That means we move now to high alert status ...
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Weather Report

Weather Report Needed in Sector 1

Hi gang, North Pole Flight Command would like to get a good read on weather in Sector 1. Please send ...
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Tracker Check In

Sector 1 Trackers Begin Checking In

This is it Trackers! Within 24 hours we will be in the Red Zone. That means 24 hours from right ...
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Tracker Check Ins Soon

Tracker Alert: Worldwide Tracker Check-in Soon to Start

Tracker Friends, This may be my final general post of this season. The news from this point forward should come ...
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Sector 1 Tracking Center Online Now

Hello my friends of Sector 1! I am pleased to report that our new regional tracking center located on Christmas ...
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Report Request for Sector 1

Attention Trackers in Sector 1 - we have an official request from North Pole Flight Command: Please submit a chimney ...
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