First Ever Regional HQ Announced for Africa

Historic news was announced at North Pole Flight Command today for Sector 3, which covers the continents of Africa and Europe. South Africa’s city of Bethlehem will host the first-ever regional tracking center in Africa.

Bethlehem, South Africa, joins Bethlehem, Palestine, this year as hosts for their sectors. This is the first time in history two regional centers have been hosted by cities of the same name, and two cities that bear some connection to Christmas.

It is winter in South Africa, just as it is winter in Australia in Sector 1, as well as winter in Milagro, Ecuador in Sector 4. That means each of those regional tracking centers will be in summer mode when Santa actually takes flight. This is a significant operational decision, one that bodes well for the support of Santa’s flight. Sometimes regional centers working during winter months suffer issues due to weather that affect their abilities to offer support to Santa.

With this announcement our focus now turns to the following for each sector:

  • The readiness of each location
  • The elf leadership communication from each sector
  • The tracking of test flights of Santa’s sleigh
  • The first test of new reporting expectations of tracker elves

Pay close attention in the coming weeks, elves. There will be a lot of news and some new opportunities to serve the cause of Santa.

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Elf Harold Star
Elf Harold Star is a veteran news reporter and editor formerly with the North Pole Gazette. He has reported North Pole News for more than 50 years. His new assignment here at will be to help the elf community online to develop their own news publication. Elf Harold lives at the North Pole with his wife, 4 cats and 3 very scared goldfish.
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Elf Ulan

Thank you, Harold! I’ve been to South Africa, but I didn’t know the city’s name there! I’m very interested in both cities’ connections. Bethlehem is winter now, short, cold, and dry, and summer is long and warm. I think it looks like excellent weather conditions, and I hope they are clear to see the sky and easy to communicate around the world. I’m ready to pay attention to the coming news soon! Thank you again, and happy Christmas in July!^^