Test Flights

Test Flights Begin July 26th

Test flights of Santa’s sleigh are scheduled to begin in Sector 4 starting sometime on Monday, July 26th, North Pole Flight Command has announced.

We are not sure yet if the tracking map for those first flights will be ready or not by that date. We are expecting an announcement from Elf Tubby Ryder, elf supervisor for Sector 4. Since that tracking center was the first announced and thus the one center most ready we are thinking the odds are pretty good that the map will be ready.

12 prototype sleighs have already been positioned at a reindeer ranch in Argentina. Two full teams of test flight reindeer are already in South America at the same ranch to be readied for the launch of the sleighs. We are awaiting word to know if the flights will work around the clock or if they will only be scheduled at certain times of the day.

Because of the late start to the test flight program many assume the flight schedule will be aggressive.

Once we know the first few weeks of the schedule we will share that information with you.

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Elf Trixie
Elf Trixie works in the Public Relations Department at the North Pole as an intern. She is one of the youngest elves on staff in the News Department. She keeps the weekly countdown going at SantaUpdate.com and frequently assists Mrs. Claus in her publishing efforts. Trixie is a Journalism major at Southern North Pole University and has recently accepted additional writing duties as a staff reporter at the Santa Tracker Herald Star. Trixie is single, she has a pet gerbil named Pebbles, and recently adopted her own baby reindeer named Trixie.
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Elf Ulan

Thank Elf Trixie! Wow, Sector 4 will begin in the first test flight on Monday. Is it local time? I’m curious about which reindeer team your Trixie is, what Elf Tubby will announce and ask elves of Sector 4 for new reports! Is the tracking map used for other sectors? I hope it will be ready on time. I’m excited about when my sector HQ will be ready for it. Thank you, and Happy Christmas in July!

Elf weather tracker

I’m so ready to track the test flights this year, as well as Santa’s big flight on Christmas Eve. I have been keeping track of the weather here in North America, I am trying to figure out how to get the weather forecast for South America as well