Tracker Elf Conference

Who: All Tracker Elves
What: A special training session with Santa Tracker experts
When: Saturday, July 17, between 12pm EST and 3pm EST
Where: Elf Chat at

Learn New Things at Tracker Elf Conference

Conference Agenda

12:00pm – Elf Crash MurphyEye-in-the-Sky Reporter Elf

Tracking Santa Basics
This training conversation will talk about how you track Santa for Santa and what the North Pole needs of every tracker elf when on the job.

12:30pm – Elf MaxWebmaster Elf at

The Santa Tracker Map
The map is central to every elf. All eyes are on the map when Santa is in flight. Elf Max will train on using the map and explaining how it works.

1:00pm – Elf Sandy ClausDepartment of Elf Resources Head Elf

Elf Jobs
Elf Sandy will discuss the various elf jobs available and what they mean. Many of the jobs require work in the weeks and months before Christmas. But on Christmas Eve we’re all tracker elves.

1:30pm – Elf Buck SanchezFlight Director at the North Pole

Santa’s Flight Plan
Santa never follows the same course every year. That’s the #1 thing all elves need to remember. We have got to be ready for everything.

2:00pm – Elf Flip BeanzAnalyst at the North Pole

Numbers Matter
Why does Santa set a new recruiting goal every year? This presentation talks about the numbers and why they are important in tracking Santa.

2:30pm—Elf Roger StarInternational Director of Santa Trackers

What Santa Trackers Mean for Santa
Santa Trackers are the most important elves Santa has. More important than the reindeer handlers. More important than the sleigh test pilots. More important than even the workshop elves. This presentation will explain the history of tracking Santa for Santa and why tracker elves are so special.