Half Way to Christmas

Half Way to Christmas This Weekend

Happy half way to Christmas!

Today we celebrate Leon Day at the North Pole. “Leon” is Noel spelled backwards, which makes this day a little silly. It is kind of like April Fool’s Day for elves. Folks here do things backwards, enjoy pranking each other and decorating where they can for Christmas, even though it’s not Christmas.

Leon Day is actually an internet invention. It was first marked years ago online by early Christmas communities, such as the Merry Forums of MyMerryChristmas.com. Each 24th of the month is known as Rudolph Day and the countdown to Christmas Eve – the ultimate 24th day of the month during the year. June 24th and June 25th are special because they mark the half-way point to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Leon Day also falls about a week before July 1st – so it’s the perfect lead-in to Christmas-in-July.

Of course, we have things going on this weekend to mark Leon Day and the beginning of Christmas in July.

In Elf Chat, on Saturday, June 25th, we get a visit from Elf Roger. This is actually a re-schedule of the chat Roger was supposed to hold in April. He’s going to give us a program update for Tracker Elves. I’m not sure if he has any big announcements, but he has told me he is opening to answering any questions you might have.

Later on Saturday, also in Elf Chat, we anticipate a gathering of several North Pole Elves who will be talking about both Leon Day and Christmas in July at the North Pole.

We hope you can join us!

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Elf Max
SantaTrackers.net Elf Support Manager at the Santa Claus LTD company
Elf Max is the webmaster of SantaTrackers.net and Executive Director of the Elf Community. Max has worked in computer systems web development for many years. He has been an anchor for the tracker elf program and has been with this project from the very beginning. When he's not tweaking the website he's running off to fix someone's computer.
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Elf Ulan

Happy Leon Day and monthly Rudolph Day! Thank you, Elf Max, for explaining how to spend the day. I gradually image easily ^^ I’d be really happy if I could celebrate with all of you! I wish I could join the chat too because it’s my sleeping time then zzZ. You elves who can join the chat are so lucky! I’m curious what Elf Roger will tell an announcement, jokes, or funny stories of Christmas in the chat!