Focus Groups

Focus Groups and Costa Rican Tacos

Santa Tracker Podcast
Santa Tracker Podcast
Focus Groups and Costa Rican Tacos

Focus groups and Costa Rican Tacos are talked about in this wide ranging new episode of the Santa Trackers Podcast. Elf Frank and Elf Crash try to get down to Santa’s strategy for this year. But Crash is especially feeling in the dark.

Santa and Elf Roger have led an effort to completely redesign the website and to purge the Elf Community of “deadbeat” elves. But Elf Crash suspects the big changes are still ahead and it begins with this first-ever Elf Supervisor gathering in Costa Rica coming up soon.

Elf Crash was just assigned to help train that group but he has no idea what to say to them. In this episode elves Frank & Crash explore what they do know and what it can all mean for the months ahead.

Crash also shares some insights into Elf Max, who he met in person just a few months ago. He tells a great fishing story as well as the story of Elf Max’s elf journey.


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Elf Frank Myrrh
Elf Frank Myrrh is the lead anchor of North Pole Radio News which is featured at Kringle Radio, Santa Tracker Radio, Merry Christmas Radio and a host of other Christmas radio stations around the world. He is the host of the North Pole Podcast and the brand-new Santa Tracker Podcast.
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Elf Moe

I don’t know why but this episode made me laugh.

Elf Jordan Rivers

GREAT episode!!! Loved it. Hilarious.

elf radar

Great job guys!

Elf Ulan

Thank you Elf Frank! I wonder how tasty the tacos, and what Elf Roger will tell about next Christmas there. Wow, I was surprised about Elf Max! I’m curious how Elf Roger and him met each other the first time. (And humm, I wanna ask the fish like that “hey fish! Do you really like it? It’s maybe warmer than usual so I know you want to go there closer but do you know what it is and what happen will be to you then!” Of course I know it and I wouldn’t be caught in the trap lol. The fish, you should learn how to win the temptation. I learned it now. hahaha!)

Elf Cookie Dough

Fantastic episode guys it was great