Santa's Sleigh

Points for Giving to Santa’s Sleigh

We are pleased to announced a new association with Santa’s Sleigh, a charitable effort anchored in several Christmas communities online including the Merry Forums of You can add Elf points to your account for your participation.

This is an entirely optional activity and not required of any elf. Elves who are underage must have parental guidance in order to participate. 

In addition to the Elf points gained from your donation, you will also be generously rewarded with extra Santa points and awarded with this new badge:

Santa Sleigh Badge

Santa’s Sleigh is funded by hundreds of small donations – usually from $5 to $20. Someone benefitting from Santa’s Sleigh is sponsored by a licensed charity, a church, a school or community service group.

Santa’s sleigh works with these entities to meet critical needs such as food, medicine and funds to pay utility and medical bills. Santa’s sleigh also provides Christmas trees, Christmas meals and modest gifts. In additional, Santa’s Sleigh organizes service projects – everything from shoveling snow to sending Christmas cards to the shut in.

We are grateful for this new association and will provide news updates of our collective efforts to support Santa’s Sleigh.

You can learn more about Santa’s Sleigh at their website by clicking on the banner below:

Santa's Sleigh

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Elf Roger Star
International Director of Santa Trackers at the North Pole Flight Command
Roger is an experienced sleigh pilot, designer and flight engineer who has worked the past 42 years as a flight supervisor in the Tracking Department at the North Pole. Previous to that Roger served as a designer in the Research and Development Department during the crucial years of 1947-1974, an era known for breakout designs in Santa’s sleigh that broke long standing speed records. Roger was the lead designer of Santa’s 1968 sleigh, famous for surviving a brutal blizzard in Bavaria.
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I’m really proud of this effort.

elf radar

I am really glad to see this!

Elf Buutercup

This is a most wonderful idea, Even the smallest thing like a Christmas card exchange can bring so much happiness. I have organized one before, and it brought me much joy as well as the others involved. This is so much more. I’m happy to see it evolve and grow. .. I’m sharing the thumbnail & link on my Instagram and face book monthly . This is the perfect time of year to start..

Elf Cookie Dough

Wow that’s awesome

Elf Ulan

Thank Elf Roger! That’ll be amazing if I could be on Santa’s Sleigh! I have a question, should I click the square of “Anonymous” or not for it? Thank you and merry Christmas!