Sector 5 Chimneys Need an Inspection

Ok, guys. Let’s get out there and check those chimneys for Santa. Let’s keep him safe!

Public Observance Required in Sector 5

This is a very unusual request. And for safety reasons I need to ask you to handle this carefully:

1. Do not act outside of local ordinances relative to the virus. Wear a mask, keep distant.
2. If you are at risk, do not go outside or fill the report.
3. There is no need to leave your immediate area. Stay in your neighborhood.
4. Please seek your parent’s permission to do this report.

Rise and Shine, Sector 5

Santa wants to see, I want to see, and the world wants to see a smiley selfie of you — in your tracking center, in front of your tree, hanging your stocking…doing something Christmasy!

Santa said he doubted I could get 20 pictures. I told him I could get a lot more than that! Let’s rock this:

Sector 5 is in the Red Zone

It’s time! Sector 5 is in the red zone…meaning it’s Christmas Eve and we are now on alert. If you have not already done so, please check in below:

Sector 5 – Let’s Chat!

I know it sucks being the last one for all this. But I’m sure you might have some questions — or maybe you just need someone to talk to. So let’s go to North Pole Chat if you’re available and talk about what the next day or so will be like.

I will try to be there and even will try to round up some other elves to come by as well over the next several hours.

Sector 5 Elves Check In!

Hey guys!

Hopefully you are all paying attention. Sector 5 is last on the map, last to check in but never last in anything else!

Checking in tells us that you’re ready to track Santa. You can see the official countdown to Santa’s launch in the upper left hand side of the site. At the time this is posted we have less than 7 hours until Santa launches.

But that doesn’t mean he’s coming to us right away…that means he is beginning his trek through all the other sectors first. So this is just the beginning of a long, long process.

Please check in via the form below and stand by for further instruction. Thank you.

Tracker Alert: Worldwide Tracker Check-in Soon to Start

Tracker BulletinTracker Friends,

This may be my final general post of this season. The news from this point forward should come exclusively from your Elf Supervisor. Please pay attention to what I am about to tell you:

News is about to begin coming faster and faster to you via North Pole Flight Command, Santa Update and this site,

Why? Because Flight Command is now engaging their final countdown protocol.

This means they are completing their checklists around the world. They are looking for any reason to stop or delay Santa’s launch. What they want is a complete green light from every sector – a simple “go for launch” degree from anyone with flight control status.

Part of that protocol is a call for tracker check-ins. We anticipate those check-ins will begin in about six hours in Sector 1 and roll out sequentially in each sector.

There is NO RUSH to check in.

When your elf supervisor wants you to check in, he or she will tell you with very specific instructions.

The process is designed to allow 24 hours for all trackers to check in. So, take your time, listen to your elf supervisor, check in when you are asked and await further instructions.

Merry Christmas, good luck, and we thank you in advance for your service to Santa.

Sector 5 Trackers on the North Pole Podcast

Hey elves!

Go over to and listen to the newest episode of the North Pole Podcast. It features not one but TWO of our tracker elves from Sector 5 — Elf Crusader and Elf Lil Cream.

I am SO proud of you guys!

Everyone, seriously. Let’s show them some love!

Sector 5 Has Two New City Captains

Sector 5 UpdateI was just informed by the Department of Elf Resources that we missed the promotions of two very important elves.

Elf Melekte has been promoted to City Captain in Rockville, Maryland, near the nation’s capitol in Washington DC. This is a very important place and it is a big job. We’re sure that Elf Melekte is up to the task.

And way out on the other coast in California, Elf Lil Cream has been appointed City Captain in San Luis Obispo. This is a really beautiful area with a lot of believers who live there. Our number of elves is this area is growing too. So we really need Lil Cream’s leadership there.

You should see both of these elves on the map now.

We are very excited for these elves and thank them for their service.

Sector 5 is on the Job!

Update for Sector 5Rise and shine all ye great Santa trackers of Sector 5!

Elf Pinky here and from here on out, if you’re a tracker in Sector 5, all eyes and ears should be on me. Yes, Elf Max and Elf Roger will still be posting news. But it will only be general news. For stuff that’s specific to Sector 5, it’s me! I’m on the clock.

Do you realize that we only have a few days left to put this together for Santa? We’re going to be ready.

To begin, I’m going to put you to a little test.

I’d like your first official task as a tracker elf to be this: I want you to send me a photo report — that’s right, your first report to the North Pole will be a picture of your Christmas tree.

If you don’t have a Christmas tree, find one and take a photo of it and submit it.


  1. I want to make sure we have the Christmas Spirit. I need to see trees in order to know that.
  2. I want to see if you can do this.

Now, some of you might not have phones or cameras to take a picture. I realize that. So, if you don’t, I’d like you instead to send me a weather report.

Both of these are simple reports and it gives me an idea of how many of you are paying attention.

Ready? GO!!

Sector 5 Celebrates New Regional Tracking Center

Update for Sector 5Greetings all ye Trackers of Sector 5! Elf Pinky here.

I’m your boss.

Haha. Actually, I’m just an elf just like you. But did you know that we – the ELVES OF SECTOR FIVE — are the greatest in the world!??

Today we have something to celebrate. Elf Max wanted to announce this a week or more ago but I wouldn’t let him. I wanted to tell you myself. TODAY — RIGHT NOW HOMIES — WE ARE IN BUSINESS IN OUR NEW REGIONAL TRACKING CENTER FOR CENTRAL AND NORTH AMERICA.

We’re located in beautiful downtown Antler, North Dakota.

Yes, the lights are on. The Christmas tree is up. The computers are computing. The Internet is all wired. We are in business. If Santa wanted to launch tonight we’d be ready to roll.

And rolling is what we’ll be doing soon. The news is going to come at you pretty fast, probably starting the first of next week.

I will be your news person. I will be giving you updates.

But here’s the thing to remember: we’re last. Santa has to go to every other sector before he gets to us. So you’re going to see stuff come out from other elf supervisors and you’re going to say, “Where is Elf Pinky? Why does my Elf Supervisor suck?”

I don’t suck. I give you the news you need when you need it. Santa saves the best for last. That’s me. That’s Sector 5. That’s YOU!

So that’s my first assignment for you, kids. Figure out why Sector 5 is last. These lessons in time and how that all works is something you need, as an elf to understand. And you REALLY need to understand it in Sector 5.

Now, I’ve gotten some messages. A few of you are asking to do a chat just for Sector 5. Um…I don’t know about that yet. If you think that’s a good idea. Please comment below. When would we do it. It HAS to happen before December 23rd. Just sayin’.

Let me know.


Sector 5 Stand Down