Sector 1 Tracking Center Online Now

Sector 1 UpdateHello my friends of Sector 1!

I am pleased to report that our new regional tracking center located on Christmas Island is now active. It is a little sparse here but everything works. We are now ready to receive your reports.

Of course, being Sector 1, we will be receiving the first visits from Santa.

That means we will need to be first in everything else: first to send in reports, first to track Santa, first to report on his visits, etc. Being the first means being the best.

It’s still early. We have lots of time to learn our jobs and to be ready to help Santa.

For now, I’m content to let you study the training materials Elf Max has posted here to the site. I might have some instruction for you later this week. But there are no new reports due at this time.

One thing I would tell you: look for the color purple. Purple is the code for all things pertaining to our sector. If it’s in purple, it belongs to us. Just as heads up for you

Feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comment area below.

Sector 1 Gets a New Regional Tracking Center

Sector 1, covering the area of the Far South Pacific, Indonesia and East Asia, will have a new regional tracking center located this year on Christmas Island. This is a territory of Australia.

A contract was signed and engineers have already been dispatched from the North Pole to begin construction. It is anticipated that the facility will be complete and staffed by the 17th of December.

Sector 1 covers the countries of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, the Marshall Islands, the Soloman Islands, Guam, and Wake Island. This broad area is one of the largest Santa visits and the weather is typically warm and balmy.

Elf Randi Hume is the Elf Supervisor for Sector 1.

“We have enjoyed having the regional tracking center in a number of places in Sector 1 over the years,” Elf Randi said. “But we look forward to being on beautiful Christmas Island and we feel this location will be ideal.”

Additional announcements of new locations for other Regional Tracking Centers in other sectors are forthcoming.

Sector 1 Stand Down

Show Us Your Christmas Eve

Here’s a new one! Santa is requesting a photo submission report featuring Christmas Eve at your home.

If you have time, please go to this page to submit. Thank you and Merry Christmas.