Huge Gains in Elf Count

Huge Gains in Elf Count Seen Daily

Historic gains are being made daily as tracker elf sign-ups surge all over the world. The numbers for the last 30 days are in and Sector 4 – South America – showed the largest gains last month, much to the surprise of nearly everyone at North Pole Flight Command.

World wide, the total elf count jumped nearly 25% to 98 million, leaving just 102 million elves yet to recruit in the month ahead.

Sector 4 saw the largest increase at 50.9%. They now have more than 18.5 million elves total.

Sector 5 also had another large increase last month at 36.5%. They lead the world with 45.6 million elves. North America is expected to show the largest increase yet in the month ahead.

Sector 1 increased 2.1% to 9.1 million total elves. They need to really put in an effort this month. Their goal is better than 19 million, so a lot of work ahead for them.

Sector 2 in Asia and the Middle East improved 1.5%, the smallest increase on the month for any sector. They have 3.6 million elves and need a total of 11 million.

Sector 3 in Africa and Europe improved 3.6% to 19.5 million. They need 36 million elves by the time Santa launches.

Most analysts at the North Pole are pleased with this positive progress. Keep recruiting new elves. Every day that passes now sets a new record.


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Is there a live counter or something like that somewhere on the site?


Ok, thanks!

Elf Cookie Dough

Is there a way that elves in sector 5 can help recruit new elves for other sectors too?