Flooded with Applications is seeing an unprecedented number of new tracker elf registrations. Emergency meetings held late Friday, October 1st, saw elves added to support from other departments.

“Elf Max and his team at have done an exemplary job in building that website and supporting the new elf community there,” Elf Ernest, Senior Vice President of Public Relations said. “But with Santa’s call for 200 million tracker elves by the time he launches is resulting in a dynamic never seen in the history of that site. We had to get them some help.” is in its 5th year of operation. Elf Ernest said the greatest burden is with the Department of Elf Resources, which is slammed with new elf applications, elf job requests, as well as questions from new elves all over the world.

Elf Ernest indicates that elves from administrative teams at the North Pole Post Office, the Wrapping Department, Public Relations and Reindeer Operations have all been shifted in duties to help with the needs at

Elf Roger Star, International Director of Santa Trackers, says the needs will only continue to grow in the weeks ahead.

“It is important to realize these are administrative needs – evaluating elf talent, interviewing elves, pushing paperwork and consulting with Santa and Elf Supervisors – all stuff that does not require tracker elf knowledge per se,” Elf Roger said. “We just need to get elves in place, get them trained, and answer their concerns before Santa flies. Right now, there’s a log jam in just getting the registered and counted. We’ll be working on this for the next several weeks and all this elf power shifted to the Department of Elf Resources and the work they do for will be really helpful.”

Elf Max will continue to spearhead elf communications and site management. He will be supported in scheduled chats by trained elves and, of course, by the news teams.

We hope the elves frequenting will bear with us as we go through these growing pains over the next several weeks.