Tracker Elf Conference Recaps

Tracker Elf Conference Review

Tracker Elf Conference recaps are now online and include the complete chat transcripts from the event. The Tracker Elf Conference for Christmas in July 2021 was held Saturday, July 17th, and was well attended. Several elf presenters talked about topics of interest to Santa Trackers everywhere.

Here are some highlights:

  • Tracking Santa for Santa is different from how the world tracks Santa
  • Santa goes through front doors when a house does not have a chimney
  • Riding in a sleigh is difficult and requires training and certification
  • Nobody ever gets on the sleigh with Santa
  • Yes, Santa surfs
  • Santa often delivers gifts of relief supplies to countries, cities, towns, villages and families in need
  • Tracker elf reports definitely impact Santa’s flight plan
  • The 200 million tracker elf recruitment goal breaks down to just one recruit per elf per month
  • Santa is a scientist. That is why he uses numbers
  • Santa wants to have a special meeting later this year with Santa Tracker Elves

It should be noted that these were live events that allowed those in attendance to ask questions. Some of the best information came as a result of tracker elf questions. We encourage all to read the transcripts from each session.

This was just the first Tracker Elf Conference for this year. Another will be scheduled at a future date and we will keep you informed when that will be. It should be noted, according to Elf Roger Star, that Santa will be addressing Santa Tracker elves sometime shortly before he takes flight in December.

This was a great event and a lot of fun. Next time we hope more of you can attend.


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