Operation Airlift

What to Know About Operation Airlift

Operation Airlift is a detail of Santa’s flight that many in the outside world do not know about and that some new tracker elves do not understand. The purpose of this post is to bring you up to speed on it so that when it happens on Christmas Eve you know what is going on.

Operation Airlift is a support effort for Santa. Thousands of sleighs and thousands of reindeer are deployed before Santa even launches to help with various tasks that support Santa’s flight.

It is not difficult to see why such an operation is necessary. Santa delivers to billions of believers. Not all of their stuff is going to fit in his sack or on his sleigh. Santa needs help getting that stuff to where it goes.

That is where Operation Airlift comes into play.

Santa makes use of sleighs, snowmobiles, sleds powered by dogs, planes, trains, trucks, large ships, and other types of vehicles on Christmas Eve to move presents, supplies, elves and reindeer around to help as Santa delivers.

You will hear of Operation Airlift on the radio from North Pole Radio News. It is all part of the Santa effort.

While you as a tracker elf may not benefit from all this activity you WILL be working to support those sleighs too. After all, the same information you provide for Santa will be used to support Operation Airlift as well.

Let’s say, for example, that you send in a weather report from your area. That information is compiled with other weather reports to give the pilots of those sleighs used in Operation Airlift the information they need to fly safely in completing their mission.

And just what is their mission?

Their mission is to get the right stuff to Santa at the right time. If you live in England and support sleighs brings Santa stuff needed in Ethiopia, no one is going to have a Merry Christmas – either in England or Ethiopia.

Operation Airlift keeps things organized and flowing to Santa so that he gets things to the right people on time.

You will need to listen carefully to the news as you track Santa. You will not want to confuse the information about Operation Airlift with Santa’s actual flight. This is part of the reason why there is a countdown to Santa’s launch on every official North Pole website and why you are provided with a map of Santa’s position.

Any questions? Add to the comments below.

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Elf Taylor

No questions yet Elf Max! Thanks for the news. I didn’t know about Operation Airlift before! I’ll make sure to send more weather reports in the upcoming month.

elf radar

Thanks Max. Very informative.

Elf Hannah

Good to know, thanks

Elf Sugar Cookie

Thank you, Elf Max! This is great to know.