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Official North Pole Websites

Hi Trackers!

We have seen there is some confusion with what are official North Pole websites and how they all work together. Let me briefly explain: — The main website of the North Pole. Santa tracking on the Internet started here — long before anyone else even thought of it online. This is the news hub. You can get not only Santa news but also news of the North Pole and elf life. Radio news reports, too. — This is the website run by the Tracking Department and it is all about Santa and his flight. Excellent source of news for trackers. — The website to send people to if they want to become an elf, run by the Department of Elf Resources at the North Pole. — This site. It’s a special, elves-only venue for receiving news and information about tracking Santa for Santa. — If you want to get text updates from the North Pole, this is where you sign up.

Santa’ — If you want to call Santa, go here.

Maybe some day we’ll have a website to explain all of our websites.

Elf Max

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Elf Max Elf Support Manager at the Santa Claus LTD company
Elf Max is known as The Miracle Worker. Max has worked in computer systems at the North Pole for quite a while. He frequently is the elf people turn to in order to make technology work. Max is the webmaster of and an expert Santa Tracker Elf Educator.
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Oh, ok. I think this will help a lot of elves.

JOEL joel



Roger that thanks

Elf Amelia

Roger That Thank You!!

Elf Jangle

these helped me alot for my research to get ready for christmas ,because in my sector most of the winter there is odd weather , and alot more , as a matter of fact , ine of them assured to me that santa will be ok in this weather if you read on north pole flight command about santas outfit

elf cookie

what sector are you???

Teagan Lomas

where can i learn when to go to bed