Santa Tracker Radio

All New Santa Tracker Radio in the Works

We got a very exciting email early today – Santa Tracker Radio for this year will debut on November 1st.

I am not sure which of all the North Pole websites that they will be putting in on. But I know it will come here FIRST. They don’t call it Santa Tracker radio for nothing, you know.

We actually have a training post coming out that talks about the North Pole radio stations and how they are all different. In the past, the Santa Tracker radio station has been something just for trackers alone. And that was kind of cool because we had special news broadcasts and podcasts that were just for us.

I’m not sure if that will be the case or not this year but I do know radio will be something you will want to use as we get closer to Christmas. It’s great for knowing what’s going on at the North Pole.

Besides, I’m a big Christmas music freak and I love the stuff the North Pole Radio News guys do.

So this is going to be some fun!

Max the Miracle Worker Elf Support Manager at the Santa Claus LTD company
Elf Max is known as The Miracle Worker. Max has worked in computer systems at the North Pole since the early 1970s. He frequently is the elf people turn to in order to make technology work. Max now works site support exclusively for
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Yes !! City Captain for Phoenix is excited !


Hey, no way, I’m not far from there!


I AM SO excited

Charli Moodie


emma e777771

Me too can’t wait i am so ready for christmas i can’t wait to track santa again this year with all of you

Maurice Williams

Me too I’ve been waiting all year for Christmas.

emma e777771

Want to work together this year because you are really nice and i have been listening to christmas music all year long and christmas is 73 days

nathaniel aybar

me to I can’t wait to track Santa this Christmas with all of you yay!

emma e777771

I can’t wait either nathaniel want to work together this year and you are so nice and i can’t wait to track santa this year with you

Keira Hawley

I am Christmas freak too

emma e777771



If only there were a way we could start a tracker group, the whole crew of people who comment

emma e777771

i wish we could too with me Elf07 and you and BUDDY THE ELF and Charli Moodie and Maurice Willams and nathaniel aybar and kiera Hawley


and Me?

emma e777771

yes you too lyndsey i just forgot

emma e777771

Test flights in Bolivia i repeat test flights in Bolivia


Roger, Bolivia.

emma e777771

Test Flights still in Bolivia i repeat Test Flights in Bolivia

David Baker Jr

Will the tracking radio show be free on this website?

Elf in Charge of Stuff

Yes, if it comes from Santa it is always free

emma e777771

Okay thanks for telling us


wow is it you elf max


oh soory is it elf ernest

Brandon alexander


Amelia Swims