Tracker Alert

Tracker Alert – Sector 5

We have reason to believe Santa may be in Sector 5 at this time. Tracker elves are hereby placed on alert status.

North Pole Security has asked that all Sector 5 elves – and that includes us – be shared this information:

Santa’s exact whereabouts are unknown. Recent reports, coming from several sources, indicate that eastern Canada may be hosting Santa at this time. He is traveling alone, without sleigh or reindeer, and incognito. He is on foot much of the time and using public transportation frequently.

We also have information relative to a possible destination for Santa in the coming days. Communications have been intercepted sharing that he may be headed towards northern Mexico.

Please be aware that Santa could be spotted anywhere within Sector 5 within the next 10 days.

If you believe you have seen Santa or have further information that can aid in the search for him you are encouraged to use the reporting mechanism set up for this purpose.

Please share this information with other elves who may not be online at this time.


About this Elf: Elf Pinky Verified Elf Santa's Council Member Sector 5 Elf Supervisor
Elf Pinky was recruited from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1992 and has since served as an instructor in sleigh flight theory at the North Pole Institute of Aviation. She worked very hard to earn her elf credentials, working a second shift first as a tool repair technician in Santa’s workshop and then as an engineer in the Wrapping Department designing wrapping machines. Pinky in recent years was a recruiter and trainer of sleigh test pilots and flies under the call sign Barracuda. Last year she served as a Flight Operations Director and demonstrated outstanding judgment and maturity in her duties supervising more than 400 elves, pilots, reindeer handlers and sleigh freighters.
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Elf weather tracker

I know where he is heading to. Santa had stated that he wants me to spot him. I promise that when I spot him I will get a picture. But it won’t be till after he eats.

Elf notJack

Whoop whoop!


Thank you for letting us know. I’ll keep an eye out!

Elf Ulan

Thank you for sharing, Elf Pinky! Wow, Santa would be in Sector 5 again! Elves are so lucky to have a chance to encounter him! I imagine he visits to see some important people or reindeer to need to meet. Please say hi instead of me and ask him how he moved there from Europe and if he still has the vegetables he bought, lol. Merry Christmas. And Santa, enjoy your walkabout and be safe! XD

Elf Ace

I will be on the lookout! I will take a picture if I spot Santa.
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