Elf Knowledge Test

The Elf Knowledge Test

We are pleased to announce the Elf Knowledge Test.

The EKT is exactly what it sounds like – it a challenge for you to showcase your elfness.

Do you have to take it?

No, of course not.

But you might want to. The Elf Knowledge Test is a way to help you study all the Official North Pole websites. It is a way to gauge how well you know how to be an elf.

And it could be the difference between you getting a new elf job ahead of someone else.

The test is designed to help you grow as an elf. You don’t need to have a perfect score to get the elf job you want. But there is no doubt the better your test score is the better it looks on your elf resume.

The test is open book. And you can take it as many times as you like.

The test was designed by some of the best elf minds in the business – Elf Ernest, Elf Max and Elf Roger Star – just to name a few. We even had Santa take a look at it and he gave us his suggestions.

This is a first edition of the test. It may expand or change as time goes by.

So check in on this now and then and take it again and again. Make sure you know your elf stuff. Click the button below to go to the test:

Elf Knowledge Test


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Elf Sandy Claus
Department of Elf Resources at the Santa Claus LTD.
Elf Sandy Claus heads the Department of Elf Resources at the North Pole. It is a very big job.

She is in charge of elf recruitment, hiring, training, payroll and benefits. In such a role she know just about everybody at the North Pole.

Elf Sandy gets lots of questions about her name. And here is the truth: no, she is not related to Mr. or Mrs. Claus in any way. Here name is merely a coincidence.
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ELF Ginger

Excited to take this now, as well in the future!

Elf Amelia

Taking now what does this do?

Elf Ernest

It’s not supposed to be easy, Elves. In fact, the test will become more difficult over time. It is designed to expand your knowledge, improve your training and help you be a better elf. I will be embedded into every new job posting coming from the Department of Elf Resources.

I believe the first new job posting goes up today.

Elf will


Elf Snowball

Still trying to get it right!

Elf Snowball

I’m doing lousy on this test

Elf Snowball

Everytime I take this test I get worse and worse on my scores yicks it looks like I need to do more studying I guess

Elf Snowball

Still trying to get a better score

Elf Maurice

i didn’t do great i got a 60 then a 47 but i’ll try it once more i guess

Elf Cookie Dough

I seem to be stuck at an 87% but I will keep trying eventually I will get it right thanks being an elf here is fun.

Elf Cookie Dough

Thank you for taking the Elf Knowledge Test.

Your got a total of 1170 point out of a possible 1170.

You final percentage score is 100 percent.

You can retake the test at any time at https://santatrackers.net/quiz/elf-knowledge-test/

Thank you for being an elf!