Elf Knowledge Test

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90 thoughts on “Elf Knowledge Test”

  1. ELF Ginger says:

    I didn’t do so well, the first time, will take it again in the future. It was a lot of fun!

    1. Snow flower says:

      Your not alone I got 13%.

      1. Snow flower says:

        I took it again 40% that’s no too bad.

        1. 𝘌𝘭𝘧 𝘚𝘭𝘦𝘦𝘱𝘺 𝘚𝘩𝘦𝘦𝘱𝘺 ੈ✩‧₊˚ says:

          i got 73%

          1. Snowie says:

            I have took it five times and I still get 60%

      2. Emma says:

        I got 65% the frist time and 60% second

  2. Elf Cinnamon Scarlet Jellybean says:

    I got 67% on my test the first time 😀

  3. Elf Foxglove says:

    I didn’t do so well….😩

  4. ELF Jingle Bells says:

    I Got 73% I Did Good

  5. elf cookie says:


  6. Jingles says:

    I got 75% on my first attempt.

  7. Elf Snowball says:

    I’m not doing so good on this test!

  8. Elf Snowball says:

    Wow this is actually harder than it looks!

  9. Elf Snowball says:

    Wow I got 67% or 920 out of 1170 not to bad that’s a lot better than before!

  10. Elf Snowball says:

    73% now!

  11. Elf Snowball says:

    Wow I guess my studying for the Elf Knowledge Test is paying off I’m still at 73%!

  12. Elf Coco says:

    I got 57……

  13. Elf Coco says:

    I retook this quiz a lot and eventually I got 80% so keep trying!

  14. Elf Coco says:

    I finally got a 87%! Highest I’ve ever gotten!

  15. elf cookie says:

    TEST SCORCE IS 87%!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Elf Coffee Bean says:

      How I’ve researched every answer on our websites I’m so confused

      1. Elf Max says:

        What are your questions? Maybe we can help you.

        1. Elf Coffee Bean says:

          I’m very stuck at 80% I don’t know which questions I’m getting wrong.

          1. Elf Max says:

            Here’s a couple of clues for you:

            1. Broccoli.
            2. Some questions have multiple answers.
            3. Especially the last one.

          2. Elf Lachie says:

            I can’t seem to get anything higher than 80% either

  16. Elf Holly Twinkle says:

    How do you get higher than an 87%

    1. Elf Lachie says:

      No idea, I can’t get higher than 87% either

  17. Elf Maurice says:

    i got a 60 % i did okay

  18. Elf Maurice says:

    it got even worse i went from a 60 – 47- 40

  19. Elf Maurice says:

    i got 73 %

  20. Elf Maurice says:

    i got 87%

  21. Woohoo I just got a 93%! The best I’ve done yet.

    1. Elf Hannah says:

      I’m stuck at 87

    2. Elf Luna says:

      I got a 93% on my EKT

  22. elf radar says:

    This is more difficult than you would think,

  23. Elf Kristoff says:

    Elf Kristoff here! I achieved a score of 67 🙂 🎁🎄🎅

  24. Elf Candy Cane says:

    I got 88 the first time and 73 the second time 🙂

  25. Elf Gumball Snowflake says:

    I got 73% the first time lol

  26. Elf bubbles says:

    I got a 73% I’ve done this so many times omg

  27. Elf Lachie says:

    Is 50% Good?

  28. Elf Lachie says:

    Third Time Lucky, 80%

  29. Elf Rudalph Canny says:

    I got 47% first time and now I got 67%

    1. Elf Peppermint says:

      That’s the same thing with me! Lol

  30. Elf Peppermint says:

    I didn’t get a really good score but every day I’ll probably try again it’s harder then the questions seem but it’s so much fun!

  31. Elf Peppermint says:

    Is 40% good because so far that’s the highest I’ve gotten lol but there’s always room for improvement!

  32. Elf Peppermint says:

    I got 47

  33. Elf Rudalph Canny says:

    I’m stuck at 67%

  34. Elf Rudalph Canny says:

    I got a 100% finally.

    1. Elf Rudalph Canny says:

      Never mind, I got an 87 because I took a break and forgot some things.

  35. Elf Lachie says:

    Are you supposed to tick all of the answers possibal or just all of the above

    1. Elf Rudalph Canny says:

      It really depends what you think the answer is, if you think it’s all of above choose all of above if you think there are some, just choose some of them.

  36. Elf Lachie says:

    I need help, I cannot get over 80%!?!?

  37. Elf Lachie says:

    Every time that I think I did better, I get 74%, every other time, I get 80%. 🤔

  38. Elf Peppermint says:

    I got 67% I guess that’s not bad! Keep up the good work everyone! I know u can do it!

    1. Elf Peppermint says:

      oh, now i got 73..

  39. Elf Lachie says:

    Finally, 87%! (After a LOT of looking through the North Pole offical websites(honestly, after that much looking I thought I’d get 100%))

  40. Elf weather tracker says:

    I just took the test, and I can’t believe that I actually got 100%

  41. I’ve got 100% 1170 out of 1170

  42. Elf Clarabelle says:

    I was never good at tests. I’m going to keep studying! Let’s see if I can improve my 53% score!

  43. Elf Peppermint says:

    I’m stuck at 67% which isn’t to bad but I do hope to improve in the future.

  44. Elf Angelika Noel says:

    Oh my goodness! I just took this test for the first time and somehow I passed it. I can’t believe I got a 100%
    Your final score is 870 out of 1170 or 100 percent.

  45. Elf Maurice says:

    I got 80% that was so Good.

  46. Elf Kringle says:

    I got a 93% on my Elf Knowledge Test!!!! That is so good!!!! Right!!!!!!!

  47. Pepper says:

    I got 80% on my first try! That’s goid!

  48. elf Jingle says:

    I got 53%. I was hoping to get slightly more but better luck next time

  49. Elf Merry Sugar says:

    yeah 93%

  50. Elf SugarPlum says:

    Yay 87%

    1. elf snowflake says:

      good for you

  51. katie says:

    Hiiii how are you doning???????

  52. Elf Lachie says:

    I’m stuck on 87% and I need to get 95% i need some help

  53. Hollytinsel234 says:

    I got 33%

  54. Elf Blizzard says:

    87% on my first try. That’s good!

  55. ShanayeJones says:

    Im sad i only have 27%

  56. Elf Peppermint says:

    i just got an 87, thats my highest yet

  57. Elf Maurice says:

    i got a 93 this is my highest one

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