The Santa Tracker Tracking Department

The Santa Tracker Tracking Department

Elf Frank Myrrh just posted a new podcast episode about the Santa Tracker Tracking Department. This is a very important episode to listen to.

He’s not talking about Santa tracker elves. He’s talking about other Santa trackers out there – places like NORAD and Google Santa Tracker.

Yeah, there’s a whole department that follows other Santa trackers out there.


Because they get the story of Santa wrong, they mess up the flight details and they give out bad information.

Frank talks this over with Elf Curly Bennion whose job it is to track the trackers. Click here to listen to it.

This is an important thing. A lot of people come here because they want to become elves but then they insist on using these bogus trackers. That doesn’t make them elves. That makes them….something else. This episode goes far to explain that you should only get your tracking data from the North Pole.


By the way, Elf Frank Myrrh has been one busy podcaster this weekend. I know he’s got several episodes in the pipeline and don’t be surprised if he springs another one on you really soon.


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