Sector 3 Elf Count

Sector 3 Elf Count

Hello my Tracker Elf Friends,

So I got the memo from Elf Flip showing our updated elf count for Sector 3. I have to say, it’s impressive:

Freelance Elves – 10,986,457
North Pole Elves – 5,499,321

Total Elves – 16,485,778

That’s much better than I was anticipating. In fact, it makes us #2 – just a little behind Sector 5. With just a little effort this year, we can take them. We can be the BIGGEST in the world if we just get out there and work to bring in more elves.

Can it be done?

Of course it can be done! In Europe alone we have great strength in our numbers. Santa is extremely popular here in Sector 3 and his popularity is soaring in Africa, too. We have a very good prospect to become #1 in 2021 and I am determined to do it.

Santa tells the world his goal soon. I don’t want to wait until then however to get started on our elf recruiting efforts. I say we get down to work now and bring on as many new elves as we can!

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Elf Rolf Janssen
Tracking Center Director -- Europe & Africa at the North Pole Tracking Department
Elf Rolf is a native of Austria. As a young man he moved to Russia and was a refugee of that country in 1915 when he found his way to Santa’s employ. Skilled in carpentry, Rolf was given duties in Santa’s workshop where he worked for many years. Charged with building the first airplane Santa ever flew in 1927 — thanks to his wood working skills — Elf Rolf was transferred to the Research and Development Department where he served for many years as a sleigh designer and eventually as a flight test pilot.

Rolf took a departure from that work in the mid-1960s when he pursued a degree in computer science, a pioneering field for the North Pole. He returned in 1968 and for years served in data processing before being transferred to the North Pole Tracking and Flight Command Center as an IT specialist. He was instrumental in helping Santa to set up a network of satellites that have become the backbone of North Pole information systems to this day.
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