Elf Resources Announces the Latest in Elf Promotions

We are pleased to announce the following promotions and assignments for elves effective this week:

Elf Barney Q – State Representative of North Dakota
Elf Louise – State Representative of New Hampshire
Elf Liv – Province Representative of Saskatchewan
Elf Brandi – State Representative of Arkansas

Elf Maria R.  – Country Ambassador, Mexico
Elf Izzy – Country Ambassador, Romania
Elf Mel – Country Ambassador, Denmark

Elf Deidre – City Captain, Milan, Italy
Elf Fabio – City Captain, Manchester, England
Elf Queenie – City Captain, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Elf Thor the Magnificent – City Captain, London, Ontario, Canada
Elf Georgie – City Captain, Hoover, Alabama
Elf Gingeria – City Captain, Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico
Elf David E – City Captain, Limon, Costa Rica
Elf Sandy Coco – City Captain, Ashburton, New Zealand
Elf Randy P – City Captain, Dunedin, New Zealand

These individuals have been added to the Elf Map.

Please note that this marks the first assignments for State/Province Representatives and the first Country Ambassadors as well.

On the map, State and Province Representatives are marked with this icon:

State or Province



The Country Ambassador is marked with this icon:

Country Ambassador



We encourage all elves to continue to apply for open positions.

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Elf Sandy Claus
Department of Elf Resources at the Santa Claus LTD.
Elf Sandy Claus heads the Department of Elf Resources at the North Pole. It is a very big job.

She is in charge of elf recruitment, hiring, training, payroll and benefits. In such a role she know just about everybody at the North Pole.

Elf Sandy gets lots of questions about her name. And here is the truth: no, she is not related to Mr. or Mrs. Claus in any way. Here name is merely a coincidence.
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