Forming a Tracker Elf Group

Elf Training #9: Forming a Group

Elf TrainingSome of you have been asking about Tracker Groups. Many of you have said you saw this page at North Pole Flight Command.

The questions range from how to become part of such a group to how to start such a group. Other questions have come in about what that page and the sign-up page for groups is located at that website and not this one.

Tracker groups come in all types. There are small groups that have as few as two elves and large groups that have hundreds. There are also different kinds of groups. There are groups that are physically located all in the same neighborhood. Or groups that are spread out over a city or a region. Some groups are virtual and track Santa together online.

It does not matter where your group is, how large it is, or if you actually even know all the others elves in your group.

North Pole wants to encourage Santa tracking together because it is fun and it gets more done for Santa when it comes time to fly.

But we need to keep things official. That’s why we use North Pole Flight Command’s website to register Tracker Elf groups.

There is a team of elves at North Pole Flight Command that keep track of this stuff. When a new application comes in the first thing that happens to it is a screen of the group by North Pole Security. If they see no problems it goes back to the team at North Pole Flight Command to work out the details.

What kind of details?

Some groups have websites or podcasts or radio stations. They, naturally, want to tell other people they are authorized by the North Pole. If wanted, North Pole Flight command gives the group access to maps, the radio streams from the North Pole and the news headlines from all of our sites that publish on the Internet. We share. That’s what elves do.

All of that requires some coordination.

So, as you can see, there is a much bigger process to handling a Tracker Group as opposed to hiring a Tracker Elf.

Should you be part of a group? Well, sure, if you want to put in the time. It is fun to come up with a name and to find other trackers out there and to do all this together with them. Santa encourages it. I encourage it. It is a great way to have more fun tracking Santa.

Elf Max

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Elf Max Elf Support Manager at the Santa Claus LTD company
Elf Max is the webmaster of and Executive Director of the Elf Community. Max has worked in computer systems web development for many years. He has been an anchor for the tracker elf program and has been with this project from the very beginning. When he's not tweaking the website he's running off to fix someone's computer.
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Elf Kringle

Yeah it is and i am so happy to be a part of it too

Angelika Noel

Thanks Elf Max! I might try a Group! 🙂


I will be in it


I’m still confused how to FIND a group I can join.


There are none in my area

Elf Kringle



u can join any it does not need to be any in your area

Elf Kringle

but all the ones iw ant to join are on twitter or facebook which i do not have and i am not allowed until i am older

Elf Amelia

Thanks Elf Max


It does not require social media

ELF Jingle Paws

Roger Elf Jingle Paws

Roger that and found my friends in a group already!

Elf Ava

Hello new elf here! Do you have any suggestions?

Elf Snowball



I can’t wait to meet other trackers! I’ll be looking for a group soon 😀

Elf Cookie Dough

I have joined a few groups already thanks for the training


thank you elf Max

Elf Candycane

Does anyone want to form a group with me?

Elf Gumball Snowflake


Elf Ishton

Thanks Max! I will look into some Groups.