Feeding Reindeer

Elf Training #16 – Feeding Reindeer

Elf TrainingGreetings tracker friends!

It’s 50 days TODAY until Santa launches! And can you see how many new elves we’re getting?

Psst! Here’s a news flash for you: that counter of the tracker elves we have is a little off. I have it on good authority that we’re now past 33 million — and that news will be announced later.

Let’s talk reindeer and your role with them.

What? You didn’t think you have anything to do with the reindeer?

Think again, elf.

Santa’s reindeer are a huge part of Santa’s success. In fact, he can’t be Santa without them.

So he is careful that they get good care.

It is a tradition in most parts of the world to leave cookies and milk out for Santa — and a little something for the reindeer too.

Usually that little something is carrots or celery. And that stuff is just fine, but often a little boring for them.

Sometimes well meaning families will leave out candy canes or other sweet treats for the reindeer. This is nice but not very good for the reindeer. In fact, candy canes make them sick and Santa tries to keep candy canes and chocolate away from the reindeer. It is not good for them at all.

Later this season on Santa Update I believe Mrs. Claus is going to leave some instruction out for people who want to feed the reindeer. She has a special recipe for people to follow.

But we know not many people will remember to use it.

That’s where Tracker Elves come to the rescue.

Santa is asking, officially, for tracker elves to please prepare two simple things for the reindeer before they go to bed on Christmas Eve.

The first is water. Simple enough. Not many people remember to leave out water for the reindeer. The reindeer NEED water.

The second thing is dried oatmeal. The Reindeer love oatmeal. And it gives them fuel.

If trackers elves can remember to do this, Santa doesn’t need to worry about keeping the reindeer going and he doesn’t have to haul water and oatmeal with him on the sleigh.


Ask below.



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Thank you for the advice! Is there a type of oatmeal that they like best?


any dried oatmeal.

Elf Kringle

I have magic reindeer food with Glitter in it is that okay?


Hmm… Elf Merrysuger might know.


its ok its magic glitter

Elf Kringle

Yeah it is

Elf Kringle

Can we use a dog food bowl for the water?


should be ok

Elf Kringle

Okay thanks Elf merrysuger

Angelika Noel

I will make sure to pass the information on so that my Area leaves the Reindeer what they need for nutrition and stamina.

Elf Candy Gumdrops

How much water and oats?


there is alot of them so say 3 bowls should do


How much water? And cup, bowl, or other? Also, thanks!



Maurice Williams

Hey I’m leaving out carrots for the reindeer is that ok and some cold water on Christmas eve .

Elf Kringle

Same Maurice


Y’all have oats? Because that’s your best bet. Dried oatmeal fuels the reindeer, as said above.


Oh and much oats, 3 bowl’s worth?

Wyatt bloomberg

I am new I need help with any advice to help feed the reindeer


if u need any advice message here https://santaupdate.com/north-pole-post-office/


this sounds good for me.

Arianna Buga

They like drie oats and glitter

Sara nope


reece rigby

hi elf on the shelf remember me reece and i made you a big house xxxxxx

Emery Risling

Where should we put the water and oatmeal out?

Elf Amelia

Thank you for advice what type of cookies do you like??

Elf Buttercup

I would leave out oatmeal but I do not have any. I could buy some. But I was wondering if they need to have magic dried oatmeal or regular dried oatmeal?


regular will do.


how much water and oatmeal also where is the best place to put the items


2 Bowls of oat and 2 water bowls and outside by the door


Would instant oatmeal work

elf cookie

can I adopt a elf pet reindeer? to help him

ELF Jingle Paws

Roger Elf Jingle Paws

Roger that!

Elf Snowball

I will make sure I have something available for them

Elf Cookie Dough

Oh cool I will leave some oatmeal out for the reindeer and water of course