We are in the Red Zone Sector 1!!!!

Here we go, Trackers!

We’re now officially in the Red Zone. That means we move now to high alert status. For a while, our news will have priority posting because Santa comes to us first. Let’s be on our toes so we can respond in a timely way.

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Elf Randi Hume
Tracking Center Director -- South Pacific at the North Pole Tracking Department
Ms. Hume has worked for many years at the North Pole as a senior flight planner and associate test pilot. She brings many years of flight experience. Elf Randi will be supported by a staff of elves charged with tracking Santa and aiding in logistics of freight and reindeer movement in the assigned sector.
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Carsen Katz


Joey smith

we are in the red zone sector1 I repeat sector1 we are in the red zone alert alert alert