Tracker Elf Chat Conference

Tracker Elf Meetings Called This Week

Tracker Elf Chat Conference

Tracker elves worldwide are invited to a chat conference to be held this Sunday, December 13th at the North Pole Chat Room at

A series of presentations and chats will be held to instruct Santa tracker elves and to update on the latest news of Santa’s flight.

So far, Elf Roger Star is the only elf on the chat calendar page, however  other elves (such as ME) are receiving assignments and their scheduled presentations will be posted later today or tomorrow. The chat conference is expected to be about 3 hours long.

Each chat will be recorded and those presentations will be filed here at for those elves who cannot be in attendance at the scheduled times.

Please stand by for more news.

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Elf Max on Email
Elf Max Elf Support Manager at the Santa Claus LTD company
Elf Max is known as The Miracle Worker. Max has worked in computer systems at the North Pole for quite a while. He frequently is the elf people turn to in order to make technology work. Max is the webmaster of and an expert Santa Tracker Elf Educator.
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Elf will

hi im benjamin (william is my real name)

Elf Buttercup

Cool and perfect! Also everyone tracker elves usually have a stash of eggnog on hand, so I want to share my recipe with you! It’s rich, great, and non-achoholic!

  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 ⅓ cups low-fat milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 dash ground nutmeg

Just blend everything together in a blender. I hope you make this eggnog! I actually used two dashes of nutmeg, but it’s up to you. Enjoy!

Elf Candycane

My parents are vegan so we don’t have eggs or anything but we found some vegan eggnog!


My parents don’t drink eggnog- but I could make some if they let me. Also is it safe to eat?

Elf Lil Cream

sounds yummy!

Elf SnowBerry

Do you have any information as to what time?

ELF Jingle Bells

It Is at 3 Pm EST

Elf Buttercup

Great to know! I might not be able to make it because of school though.

Elf Lil Cream

how do we find the link? also are u guys coming to the one today?

Elf will

alright thx for the recipe

Elf will

your parents can still eat eggs

Elizabeth Holtkamp

Ok, elves! Listen up. We HAVE to be on! Santa NEEDS us! Are you with me?

Elf Jangle

yeah , of course

Elizabeth Holtkamp

Hi, Benjamin. Can I call you Ben for short?

Elizabeth Holtkamp

Mmmmm! I love eggnog! It is perfectly good to eat, it dosen’t have raw eggs, ok Hannah? You can just buy it at a store.

Elf Jangle

where will the archived data be on it because I need to review

Sarah Doetsch

I couldn’t make it to the meeting, I was busy with family, is there a way I can look at what was discussed in the meeting?


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