Santa Says to Expect Changes will be remodeled in the new year. I had my first meeting with Santa today in his office and this was an item at the top of the list.

The changes will be made with what Santa calls “organizational adjustments” to the Tracker Elf effort. Santa said he expects the look and feel of the website will not dramatically change, only a new few features will be added or fixed.

The likely biggest changes will occur to elf jobs, elf certification, elf training and to elf groups. These will be announced one by one as Santa gets a chance to explore his ideas with the Executive Committee.

Santa’s Council will also be changing in the new year. Santa did not elaborate on that topic today, but told me we would discuss it in our next meeting.

In the meantime, I’ll be meeting with Elves Max and Moe to begin the process. After Max has some time to do some research, I’m sure there will be further announcements.

Also, just a reminder, your Elf Supervisors are busily engaged in elf reviews. Their ranking and reports are anticipated in a few weeks. We will make an announcement at that the time they are ready.

About this Elf: Elf Roger Star Verified Elf Executive Elf Santa's Council Member North Pole Elf
Roger is an experienced sleigh pilot, designer and flight engineer who has worked the past 42 years as a flight supervisor in the Tracking Department at the North Pole. Previous to that Roger served as a designer in the Research and Development Department during the crucial years of 1947-1974, an era known for breakout designs in Santa’s sleigh that broke long standing speed records. Roger was the lead designer of Santa’s 1968 sleigh, famous for surviving a brutal blizzard in Bavaria. Elf Roger led the tracker elf as International Director of Santa Trackers from its inception as a pilot program in 2016 until 2023. He is now director of North Pole Flight Command.
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Elf Ulan

Thank you, Elf Roger. I’m so happy to hear that will be changed by Santa. I remember it changed dramatically last year, and it was great. Thank you, Elves Max and Moe, for this year too. I’m excited to know how to change organizational adjustments. And thank you, our supervisors for our elf reviews. I’m looking forward to hearing from you! ^^

Elf Cookie Dough

Thank You Elf Roger Star I can’t wait to see the new changes
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