Dummies and Fish in Barrels

Santa Tracker Podcast
Santa Tracker Podcast
Dummies and Fish in Barrels

A new episode of the Santa Trackers Podcast is out and it is all about the Elf Supervisors. For whatever reason, this episode is titled Dummies and Fish in Barrels.

The Elf Supervisor Conference was held last week in Costa Rica. The first ever event was called by Santa and Elf Roger Star to address changes in the tracker elf program that Santa is introducing this year.

According to Elf Crash Murphy the changes are significant. The Elf Supervisors are really the first outside of Santa and Elf Roger to learn of the changes. In this episode, Elf Crash shares his thoughts about the Elf Supervisors and what all the changes will mean to tracker elves who interact with the Elf Supervisors on SantaTrackers.net.

Also invited on this episode is Elf Petey LaCroix, a field tracker elf that is sometimes featured on the Tracking Santa Around the World Radio show that broadcasts live each Christmas Eve on Kringle Radio.

A field tracker is a tracker elf of a different sort. Just ahead of Santa’s launch every year Elf Petey and others of the field tracker team are dispatched to different places all over the world. Their task is to try to capture Santa in flight, so their positioning is well known in advance of Santa’s flight and planned to best capture data of Santa in flight from the ground. The work they do is just part of a large data gathering effort that is used to evaluate Santa’s flight.

Elf Petey, and all field trackers, work for the Elf Supervisors. Petey provides his perspective on the work that Elf Supervisors do and why he hopes for the best with changes coming this year.

Christmas in July is mentioned as a watershed event for all trackers, with news of all changes being made public at that time for trackers everywhere.

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Elf Frank Myrrh
Elf Frank Myrrh is the lead anchor of North Pole Radio News which is featured at Kringle Radio, Santa Tracker Radio, Merry Christmas Radio and a host of other Christmas radio stations around the world. He is the host of the North Pole Podcast and the brand-new Santa Tracker Podcast.
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Elf Ulan

Thank you, Elf Frank and Elf Crash. I want to know about the fish in barrels meaning ^^ I didn’t know about there are the special Santa tracker elves and Elf Petey. I think they’re very important job. I’m curious about how to look at Santa’s flight that’s with their eyes or some laser computers because his sleigh goes so fast like a shooting star?! Okay, I’m looking forward to knowing about the details during Christmas in July. Does it relate to the title? Thank you, and Merry Christmas XD

Elf Crash Murphy

“Fish in a barrel” is definitely an American saying. When you shoot “fish in a barrel” you can’t miss them because…they’re in a barrel. What Petey was trying to say was that as a field tracker elf they are placed in locations where it should be easy to see Santa in the skies. Their job is to capture that information so they set it up so that it is easy to do so. Even still, for the dozens of field tracker elves that are out there on Christmas Eve to specifically get information about Santa in flight most don’t get anything at all due to weather or other uncontrollable circumstances. They really are specialized trackers who do a vital but really hard job.

Elf Ulan

Thank you, Elf Crash! I’m so happy to hear that from you. Both of you and they are very important jobs. I knew our local weather reports are used for them too, so Santa and you need elves around the world as much as possible. I heard that some places have more sunny days year-around than others. I wish that’ll be nice during December 23 and 24 this year too!

Elf Cookie Dough

Thank You Elf Crash and Elf Frank that was awesome