Elf Work Rules

workrulesAs an elf there are a variety of rules you need to follow:

1. Your biggest days of work are December 23rd and December 24th. This is when it is most vital we hear from you.

2. Work from where you are. We recognize that families sometimes travel over Christmas. That’s okay! Santa needs your good work everywhere. So just work from where you are. As long as you have an Internet connection and can get on to this website you can report what you see to the Tracking Department.

3. Do not take time away from your family. We will provide a schedule for you to follow that will allow you to check-in and report quickly. Do not spend all your time online waiting for messages and direction. Spend time with your family and have fun! (Even better, recruit them to become Santa Tracker Elves, too).

4. Don’t be shy in telling people you are an elf. Most elves work in secret. But not you, Elf! We want all Santa Trackers to let people know what they do. When you do that you will hear people say, “Gee, I want to be an elf, too!”. You can show them how to get hired and work just like you do for Santa!

5. Help others to become elves, too. Once you know how to do your job you can train other Santa Trackers in the business. It isn’t hard. And they can use your expertise!

6. Be nice, be cheerful, be friendly, be helpful. Hey, it’s Christmas!

7. Obey the bed time warning from the North Pole. Okay, this is important. When the bed time warning comes down you need to get into bed. Santa’s orders. That’s just the way it works. By the time it is bed time where you are you’ve done your work anyway.

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