Elf Test

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How are you known on SantaTrackers.net. This should not be your real name, but rather your Elf name.
It is vital that every elf know where they reside. Sectors are used by North Pole Flight Command in every part of Santa's flight. Your part in it is crucial in performing your duties as an elf. If you don't know your sector, please go back to Elf University.
The Elf Code can be found at ElfHQ.com. Each prospective elf must first learn the Elf Code and take the Elf Oath before they can become an elf.
You will need to know a lot of elves. One of the first you need to know is who runs this website. You will want to contact this elf if there are problems you might have on the site.
This is your job. Do you understand it?
The best and most accurate maps come from Official North Pole sources only.
Knowing when Santa is coming and when your information needs to be turned in is very important
You might want to be aware of this guy
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