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We had a chance to meet with Elf Victor, head elf of reindeer operations, in Elf Chat this week and this is how the conversation went:

Elf MaxThanks for joining us. Today we have a very special guest, Elf Victor, long time head elf of Reindeer Operations at the North Pole
Elf VictorThank you for having me.
Elf MaxVictor, before we get into the stuff we have planned, we are getting lots of questions about Donner
Elf VictorI know, I know
Elf MaxWell….what do you know? When will he be back to the North Pole?
Elf VictorDonner’s okay. He’ll be here in plenty of time. There is no need to worry.
Elf MaxWell, I think people want to know why he’s not there when all the other reindeer are.
Elf VictorTo be honest with you, that’s something Santa knows more about than me. I have my hands full with all the others.
Elf MaxDo you think we shouldn’t have said that Donner wasn’t there?
Elf VictorNo, I think Santa’s policy about being honest in all things is always best.
Elf MaxBut does hiding details make it honest?
Elf VictorNobody is hiding details. I just told you I don’t have details other than Santa said not to worry about it.
Elf MaxSo does that mean only Santa knows what is going on?
Elf VictorYes, as far as I know. I certainly don’t know. I love Donner, he and I have worked together for hundreds of years. If Santa says there are no worries, then there are no worries. I’m guessing Donner has a family thing or something going on and that it is really not a story.
Elf MaxOkay. The crush of these questions is tremendous.
Elf VictorYes, I get it. Not a day goes by without the questions.
Elf MaxOk, hopefully we will know something soon.
Elf VictorHopefully.
Elf MaxWithout Donner there at the North Pole has there been irregularities to the reindeer routine?
Elf VictorNo, not at all because the routine doesn’t begin until we’re into the post-Thanksgiving period. It’s about a 30-day training routine that includes the reindeer game. Before then we are doing things like long conditioning
Elf MaxWhat’s long conditioning?
Elf VictorThat is where we look at injuries or stress that happened to the reindeer from last season or even beyond. Some of these reindeer, like Donner, are getting a little old, even for reindeer
Elf MaxHow long can reindeer live?
Elf VictorWell, these are Santa’s reindeer we’re talking about so there is not much that is normal about them
Elf MaxOk, now we’re getting somewhere. How are Santa’s reindeer different than regular reindeer?
Elf VictorWell, how is Santa different from a regular person?
Elf MaxI don’t know how to answer that.
Elf VictorAnd I don’t know how to exactly explain how Santa’s reindeer are different. But they are. That’s all I know.
Elf MaxSanta’s says you are the foremost expert on reindeer in all the world.
Elf VictorWell Santa is very kind. That’s what the sort of stuff kind men say.
Elf MaxWell, if you can’t explain how Santa’s reindeer are different then who can?
Elf VictorIsn’t it enough to just say they are Santa’s reindeer and leave it at that?
Elf MaxYou’re comfortable with that? Aren’t you the least bit curious?
Elf VictorOf course, I am. But not like when I was a much younger elf. I’m old now, even for an elf. But I’ve come to realize that we don’t need to explain every bit of mystery and magic about what goes into Santa.
Elf MaxA lot of people won’t accept that.
Elf VictorWell, I know. That’s too bad. Those who reject the magic of Santa deny themselves the real flavor of life.
Elf MaxWhat do you mean?
Elf VictorI mean that we don’t leave this world understanding everything. I mean, why is every snow flake unique? That’s a good question but is my life going to change if I can wrap my head around that simple little mystery?
Elf MaxSo you’re saying it is okay that we don’t know the secret to Santa’s reindeer?
Elf VictorYes, I’m saying its okay.
Elf MaxBut I want to know.
Elf VictorOf course you want to know. But here’s the problem. You already do know. Santa comes. Every year. You can’t deny that can you?
Elf MaxOf course not. I believe.
Elf VictorOk, since you know that then you know that Santa has reindeer. Very special reindeer that can fly. They are part of how he does what Santa does. We cannot deny that, can we?
Elf MaxNo sir.
Elf VictorOk. So you know it’s true and that it happens. Who cares if you don’t know every detail like how reindeer fly or getting around the world in one night?
Elf MaxOk, I can accept that.
Elf VictorThat’s the deal right there: acceptance. Like the Donner thing. If Santa says he’s ok, well, then I’m  accepting of that and I will just wait for Donner to show up and when he does we’ll get down to work.
Elf MaxWell, what if Donner doesn’t show up until Christmas Eve?
Elf VictorThen we’ll figure it out.
Elf MaxSimple as that?
Elf VictorSimple as that. Things always work out. Even when things go wrong, things work out.
Elf MaxDid Santa tell you that?
Elf VictorNo, just years of experience. But I can tell you Santa thinks much the same way.
Elf MaxHow long have you and Santa known each other?
Elf VictorOh golly, most my life.
Elf MaxWere you always an expert on reindeer?
Elf VictorNo, but I’ve pretty much always worked with reindeer as an elf. From the very beginning.
Elf MaxAre the reindeer as old as you?
Elf VictorOh, they are much older. I don’t know the whole story but I know some of it.
Elf MaxCan you share all you know?
Elf VictorNope. That’s the honest truth. There’s some details I just cannot tell you. There are also details I just don’t know. But I will tell you all I can about how reindeer work and what tracker elves need to know about them in order to do their job.
Elf MaxOk, fair enough. I appreciate that. Do tracker elves really need to worry about the reindeer?
Elf VictorNot much and not usually. However, a tracker elf is an elf. So they need to be ready to contribute in any way possible.
Elf MaxWhat does that mean?
Elf VictorWell, many years before you joined us Santa had a little emergency in Latvia. He needed some help and he needed an elf. The closest elf to him just happened to a tracker elf in Latvia.
Elf VictorSo Santa asked him up on the sleigh to help him lift some stuff. Santa, you see, suffered a fall. Broke a rib and sprained an ankle. He needed another pair of hands. There just happened to be a tracker elf nearby.
Elf MaxNo way!
Elf VictorYes, it does not happen a lot but it can happen.
Elf MaxHow could a tracker elf possibly help with reindeer? I would be scared of doing something wrong.
Elf VictorMost of the time it’s just a matter of being prepared with food and water. A lot of people think of Santa and leave him cookies and milk. But they forget all the reindeer. We expect our trackers to think of the reindeer.
Elf MaxSo that’s why we get so much instruction about what reindeer can eat and drink?
Elf VictorYes, that’s right. It is an elf’s duty to see that the reindeer always have the right kind of things to eat and drink available, especially when Santa is on his trek.
Elf MaxWe should probably write that into the training somewhere.
Elf VictorThat’s a good idea. But I think most serious trackers already know this.
Elf MaxYou mentioned an elf had to help Santa when he got injured. What about a reindeer? How does an elf know what to do when or if a reindeer gets injured?
Elf VictorWe don’t expect that. But we do expect an elf to get hold of us at the North Pole and that whoever receives messages from tracker elves response to such an emergency message appropriately.
Elf MaxVictor, this is really good information. Thank you for sharing it with us today.
Elf VictorThank you for allowing me to. I always love to discuss Santa’s reindeer.
Elf MaxWe’ll do it again then!
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Elf Max is known as The Miracle Worker. Max has worked in computer systems at the North Pole for quite a while. He frequently is the elf people turn to in order to make technology work. Max is the webmaster of and an expert Santa Tracker Elf Educator.
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Elf Lil Cream

Wow! Thanks for sharing! I was sad I couldn’t make it to the chat- ty!

Elf Cookie Dough

Oh man I missed it I guess I need to check the calendar more often