A Chat for Elves

Leon Day Offers a Chat for Elves

Hi elves!

Elf Ivy Holley here. I just wanted to remind you guys that today is Leon Day. It is the halfway mark to Christmas and it is something of a big deal at the North Pole. I’m sure you’ve already read all about it over at SantaUpdate.com.

Well there’s something else going on today — it’s a chat with Elf Crash Murphy! You know Crash. Or at least I hope you know Crash. He’s a big guy in the Santa Tracker movement and you need to get to know him. For Leon Day Crash agreed to come do a chat and I think you should let all your friends and family know about it. Especially those who are NOT elves yet. It is a good way to slowly introduce them to the idea of becoming an elf.

Elf Crash is a straight talker. He’s kinda funny but always honest about Santa, tracking Santa and the North Pole. He’s got a cool story. And his chats are always entertaining. So you should come and invite as many others as you can.

Now, we know it’s Friday night. We know it is summer time for some of you, winter for others. And that means different stuff. But it will be held over in the North Pole Chat Room at SantaUpdate.com at 7:30pm EST. This chat was added to the calendar only a week or so ago.

If you do one thing to celebrate Leon Day come chat with Elf Crash!

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Elf Ivy Holley
Elf Ivy Holley is the Social Media Coordinator for SantaTrackers.net, making her part of the Elf Recruitment Team for the Department of Elf Resources. Elf Ivy has mastered the art of the Tweet, the Post and the Snap, conquering social media Christmas of all types. She is a graduate of the school of Journalism at Southern North Pole University with a degree in public relations. She lives with her cat named Coal in North Pole Village and frequently visits her native hometown of Bozeman, Montana. She is the youngest of 5 children, all girls.
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