250 Days Until Launch

250 Days Until Santa’s Launch

As the world celebrates Easter the crew at North Pole Flight Command remind us that 250 days remain until Santa launches.

Santa is at the North Pole to celebrate Easter but is leaving very soon with a group of elves heading to Costa Rica for the Elf Supervisor meeting.

But North Pole Flight Command is noting an unusual warning from the Department of Redundancy Department about Santa’s sleigh. Reportedly some elves in Flight Command are upset about the warning.

Meetings will be held in Flight Command this week to discuss the matter, despite the event going on in Costa Rica.

In the meantime, we have heard that elves in the North Pole Post Office are grappling with a flood of mail in the past day or two about the Easter Bunny. The overwhelming question is whether or not the Easter Bunny is connected in someway with Santa and the North Pole.

The question was debated in the North Pole News Department. Some believe in the Easter Bunny and others do not. In the end, the News Department at SantaUpdate.com declined to publicly answer the question or post any information about the Easter Bunny.

I talked to Elf Ed Zachary, famed Defender of Santa Claus, who was very candid with me about why we never talk about the Easter Bunny.

He sent me this in an email:

“Harold – the Easter Bunny is a rabbit. An animal. He does not talk. He delivers chocolate eggs on fake grass. He evidently does this by hopping all over the place very quickly. He does not accept letters. He doesn’t visit with children — well, not as a normal rabbit. From pictures I have viewed he is not anywhere near the size of an normal rabbit you have ever seen. He does not take requests. He does not have elves. He does not have reindeer. Nobody really knows where he lives or where he came from. For us to talk about the Easter Bunny in the same breath as Santa Claus just is not right. Does Santa believe in the Easter Bunny? I don’t know, honestly. I do know this, however. He never talks about the Easter Bunny. I think it is wise we avoid the topic. Happy Easter- EZ”

Well. There you go.

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Elf Harold Star
Elf Harold Star is a veteran news reporter and editor formerly with the North Pole Gazette. He has reported North Pole News for more than 50 years. His new assignment here at SantaTrackers.net will be to help the elf community online to develop their own news publication. Elf Harold lives at the North Pole with his wife, 4 cats and 3 very scared goldfish.
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Elf Ulan

Thank you Elf Harold for always sharing. Did Santa, Elf Roger, Elf Trixie, Elf Beverly, Elf Crash, you, and our supervisors already left for Costa Rica? Please stay safe. I’m excited to hear about the conference and what they did there. I didn’t know much about the Easter bunny so it’s very nice to hear from you. Actually I felt like I was in “Alice in Wonderland” last weekend lol. My brain was completely frozen because of the number of eggs the bunny delivered and carrots he ate all day. My country doesn’t have Easter so I can’t say anything but I think that’s okay if people enjoy the bunny. Happy Easter and Merry Christmas!

Elf Sugar Cookie

Wow, I guess my question of whether Santa knows the Easter Bunny has been answered (unless Santa does know him but doesn’t speak of it). I don’t agree with everything Elf Ed Zachary said. However, I do agree with him that, to keep the focus on Christmas, it’s probably best not to extensively discuss E.B. on these sites. I hope you had a nice Easter!

The question of the Easter Bunny has overtaken the North Pole in the last few days because of this article. Many elves are afraid of saying things publicly either way. I will not hold back. Santa and I have had many conversations about the Easter Bunny.

Elf Ed Zachary is right in that the Easter Bunny is very different.

Santa can speak for himself on this but I will just say that those who follow the Easter Bunny should be allowed to do so. We just need to be careful in assuming there is a connection between Santa and the Easter Bunny.

Easter and Christmas, as holidays, have connections.

But Santa and the Easter Bunny really do not.

Elf Ulan

Thank you, Elf Dr. Grant Smedley. I learned about them clearly. I think traditional things are very important to people, and it would be nice if we could respect and smile at each other. Thank you again and Merry Christmas!

Elf Cookie Dough

Thank You that was fun to read