Weather Report

Weather Report Requested

We need a WEATHER REPORT from all areas of Sector 5 by August 15th from all available elves.

NOTE for FREELANCE ELVES: Please use the standard freelance elf report for this request.

No, we do not have a schedule yet for test flights of Santa’s sleigh in our sector. This report is requested because we have North Pole scout teams coming to North and Central America in advance of test flights later this month. The weather report is for them.

As far as when we will see the test flights in our sector all I can tell you is that it will happen on very short notice. Maybe a day or two in advance we might learn of it. So please be paying attention.

I’m being told that they likely won’t need much from us but I’d still like you all to be on alert just to see if we can be the first sector to report a sleigh sighting this year. That hasn’t happened yet and I’d like to be the first, ya know?

Some of you have expressed concern about our regional tracking center here in Mistletoe, Kentucky. Yes, I know that recent flooding in nearby areas have been a concern. But please be assured that we are all okay. The barn – which is really where our tracking center is, truth be told – sits at the top of a hill. While we can see flooded areas close by where we are is totally fine and we’re operating without issue.

Thank you for your concern.


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Elf Pinky
Tracking Center Director -- North America at the Santa Claus Ltd
Elf Pinky was recruited from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1992 and has since served as an instructor in sleigh flight theory at the North Pole Institute of Aviation. She worked very hard to earn her elf credentials, working a second shift first as a tool repair technician in Santa’s workshop and then as an engineer in the Wrapping Department designing wrapping machines. Pinky in recent years was a recruiter and trainer of sleigh test pilots and flies under the call sign Barracuda. Last year she served as a Flight Operations Director and demonstrated outstanding judgment and maturity in her duties supervising more than 400 elves, pilots, reindeer handlers and sleigh freighters.
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Elf weather tracker

I am glad your safe Elf Pinky. I sent my report in. Stay safe Elf Pinky

Elf Sugar Cookie

I’m so glad to hear that you and everyone else at the regional tracking center are safe. As for the hopes of being the first sector to have a sleigh sighting, I guess that means the sighting I reported wasn’t a sleigh after all. I apologize for the accidental misinformation; it looked like it could have been a sleigh, but given where the test flights were at the time, it makes sense that I was mistaken. Hope you have a great rest of your week!

Elf Ulan

Hello, Elf Pinky! The test flights left Japan today on the 12th afternoon local time and they’re on the sea of Okhotsk now. I heard the typhoon is coming to Japan and it’s going east like chasing the flights. I just wanted to let you know the information. Thank you. I hope the test flights continue to test well and successful that Santa wants! ^^

ELF Ginger

Glad you are all safe and sound! My report has been submitted. I’m excited about this holiday/tracking season. Can’t wait to see what’s in store.