Sector 5 Chat

Sector 5 Chat Scheduled

Elf Pinky has added a special chat to the calendar for Sector 5 elves on November 6th at 8pm EST in Elf Chat on

I talked to Elf Pinky by phone this morning.

She told me she wants to see how many elves can show up for this chat. She is not sure if it is still too early to hold such an event.

But at the same time she is a little worried that TOO MANY elves might show up. Sector 5, as you know, has more elves than any other sector and it appears already they will out recruit all other sectors this year.

Pinky want to answer questions. She also wants to give some direction that she thinks will be unique to Sector 5 in tracking Santa. And even though it is a little early she believes we can start mapping out the anticipated schedule. She hope to archive the chat so that more elves can access it later.

Also, if elves from other sectors want to join in, that would be fine. She is also extending invites to some key North Pole elves – Crash Murphy, Buck Sanchez, Frank Myrrh, just to name a few — hoping they might attend to help answer questions.

If you cannot attend, which is understandable because this is a Saturday night after all, please put any of your questions in the comments below or send them to me privately.

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Elf Holly Twinkle

Cool! I’ll be there!