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School Teachers Flock to

Over the course of the past two weeks we have seen several new sign-ups from school teachers. While it has been our experience to see this happen every year we have never seen such a large response as we are seeing this year.

“I think what is happening is that in many places around the world teachers are heading into a 2nd season of the pandemic.” said Elf Roger Star, International Director of Santa Trackers. “Some are again having to use virtual learning tools and environments in order to teach students. The art of the Santa Tracker online is especially suited to learning. Students learn geography, time zones, and a bit of history as Santa trackers. We are excited because each classroom we work with has the potential to bring us lots of new elves.”

Elf Lindy LaRoo, a special elf who works as a teacher ambassador at the North Pole, indicates that growth is especially strong in middle school age groups so far this year. She has been on the phone or in email contact with a number of teachers trying to serve their individual needs. “We have a long time until we can actually track Santa,” Lindy says. “But between now and Christmas we can help teachers design work that helps with math and science or social studies. It just depends on what they are already planning to do. Middle Schoolers love the Santa-theme math word problems we can come up. Figuring out things like how long it takes Santa to get to Tokyo from, say, Sydney.”

Teachers themselves frequent sign up to be elves on their own, too.

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Elf Harold Star
Elf Harold Star is a veteran news reporter and editor formerly with the North Pole Gazette. He has reported North Pole News for more than 50 years. His new assignment here at will be to help the elf community online to develop their own news publication. Elf Harold lives at the North Pole with his wife, 4 cats and 3 very scared goldfish.
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Wow, that is great news!

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