The People Tracking Department

Elf Frank Myrrh tracked down this elf in something called the People Tracking Department at the North Pole. He interviewed him for the latest episode of the Santa Tracker Podcast.

Yeah, I had never heard of it either.

The People Tracking Department is just a small part of the larger Tracking Department at the North Pole. They’re job, according to this dude Frank interviews, is to keep lists of people.

Lots of people. Lots of lists.

Why? Why would Santa allow this to happen?

Well, it’s kind of to help Santa stay organized.

Take for example all the wish lists that Santa receives. All that information goes into a computer so Santa can keep it straight. Imagine just how many wish lists came in for Santa TODAY. Now imagine how many of those people sending in lists today are going to change them between now and Christmas? And how many times will they change it?

That’s kind of what this department does. It keeps track of the “people stuff” related to Santa.

If you think about it the People Tracking Department kind of has an impossible, thankless, endless job!

This is a pretty cool conversation. I’m really liking these new podcasts. They give us a bit more information than we get from the more general North Pole Podcast over at

It’s good to be a tracker elf!

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