Elf Promotions

New Elf Promotions – More Coming

We have a bundle of new elf promotions to announce this week. This first round, listed below, are for elf assignments related to recruiting, news and podcasting. They are:

Elf Educator – Elf Tinsel
Elf Educator – Elf Baubles
Elf Recruiter – Elf Cherry Blossom
Elf Recruiter – Elf Cheryl L
Elf Recruiter – Elf Red Hat
Elf Recruiter – Elf Cheerio
Santa Tracker News Reporter – Elf Hannah
Santa Tracker News Reporter – Elf Kringle
Santa Tracker News Reporter – Elf Ullrich
Certified Podcaster – Elf Lil Cream
Certified Podcaster – Elf Crusader

Soon elf promotions relative to City Captains, State Representatives and Country Ambassadors will be posted. We are working on updating the maps and contacting those we need to inform about these positions.

We remind you that several of these positions remain open and available. We assure you that the Department of Elf Resources is working hard to respond to applications and to put elves in place as quickly as possible.


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Elf Sandy Claus
Department of Elf Resources at the Santa Claus LTD.
Elf Sandy Claus heads the Department of Elf Resources at the North Pole. It is a very big job.

She is in charge of elf recruitment, hiring, training, payroll and benefits. In such a role she know just about everybody at the North Pole.

Elf Sandy gets lots of questions about her name. And here is the truth: no, she is not related to Mr. or Mrs. Claus in any way. Here name is merely a coincidence.
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Elf Sugar Cookie

Congratulations, everyone!

Elf Hannah

Yay! So will I be contacted?

Elf Taylor

Congrats Elf Hannah!

Elf Candy Cane

Elf Hannah yaaaas!!

Elf Cookie Dough

Wow congratulations everybody