Millions of Elves

Millions of Elves Recruited Since August

The total elf count as of today reflects more than 69 million elves so far for tracking Santa this Christmas.  Santa set the goal at 200 million tracker elves before he takes flight. Here is how each sector fared since August:

Sector 1 – +4.8%
Sector 2 – +3.1%
Sector 3 – +0.9%
Sector 4 – +2.0%
Sector 5 – +21.0%

Total – +8.8%

Sector 5’s astounding growth in North America accounts for the largest increase – again. Elves in North Pole Flight Command say teacher response to efforts made in August during the start up of school is a big reason why Sector 5 added so many elves.

“You do not have to be a genius to understand that every school teacher brings about 30 student elves with them and possibly another teacher or two,” said Elf Jordan Rivers, a recruitment specialist in the Department of Elf Resources. “I think that will continue to add more elves than just about any other effort we make out there over the next couple of months. We want classes of all grade levels. We want to help teachers teach geography and math and science, heck, even history, through Santa tracking. We will host chats for them, answer letters directly from the North Pole, create support materials for lesson plans – whatever they need. That’s our work between now and when Santa takes off – to invest in all the learning that can come from tracking Santa for Santa.”

North Pole Flight Command reminds trackers everywhere that Santa’s lofty goal will likely be met in the last four or five days before Santa’s launch. That means the number might feel far-fetched to elves tracking Santa now. But the goal actually is much closer than most realize. As of today, right now, a total 130,335,899 more elves are needed. That feels like a lot – and it is. But the number of elves we have right now is actually ahead of where we thought we would be. It is going very well.

Opportunities really exist in Sector 3, which had the smallest increase of all sectors in the past month. While the numbers there are a little short of where we want them to be North Pole Flight Command feels this sector will be one of the brightest last minute surges that are expected.

Please keep up the fine work of recruiting, elves!


About this Elf: Elf Flip Beanz Verified Elf North Pole Elf North Pole News Elf
Elf Flip is an accountant and analyst at North Pole Flight Command. He has certified as an enumerator in the North Pole Census and has a masters degree from Southern North Pole University in Accounting and Numerology. He helps to determine the need of elves at the North Pole and all around the world. He also works with the Public Relations Department to share news and information about the number of elves in Santa's employ.
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Elf Cookie Dough

Wow Sector 5 is doing well
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