Sector 5

Sector Activated
Chats scheduled

Chats Scheduled for Leon Day Weekend

Elf Roger Star will be in Elf Chat on Saturday, July 25th - also…

Elf Chat this Sunday

We are pleased to announce a new chat has been added to our schedule.…
Sector Weather Analyst

Sector Weather Analyst Job Open

The new position of Sector Weather Analyst has just been posted…
Elf Jobs

Chat Recap – Elf Jobs Update with Elf Sandy Claus

Elf Chat featured a visit from the head of the Department of…
Stuff to Know

New Stuff to Know

I received a very interesting report last night that is very…
City Captains

Map Update Underscores Changes to City Captains

There are changes to announce to the position of City Captain.Since…
Elf Chats

Chats for April Scheduled

Chat for the month of April have been scheduled and are now on…
Santa's Sleigh

Points for Giving to Santa’s Sleigh

We are pleased to announced a new association with Santa's Sleigh,…
Focus Groups

Focus Groups and Costa Rican Tacos

Focus groups and Costa Rican Tacos are talked about in this wide…

Pointsmania with Elf Crash Murphy

Pointsmania is the topic of this conversation between me, Elf…

Referrals Earn Points and Make New Elves

Referrals are now an active feature of…

The Birthday Registry is Now Open

The Birthday Registry at is now open for enrollment.…
Gifting Points

Gifting Points Introduced

Gifting points is a new capability for all elves on…
Badges and Ranks

All New Badges and Ranks

New badges and ranks have been posted. You can view them on your…

Radio News Highlight

North Pole Radio News Anchor Al Pyne learns of a close encounter with Santa at a skate park in Oklahoma City.

Tracker Elves

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