Sector 5

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Answers to Questions

Hi all! What follows are questions I received after today's chat…
Chat Recap

Transcript of the Elf Supervisor Chat

Elf Crash Murphy and several of the Elf Supervisors met in Elf…

Come to the Elf Supervisor Chat

Hi y’all!We have finally received buy-in from all our Elf…

Classroom Trackers

Greetings Trackers!I am pleased to announce that I have…

Sleigh Sighting Contest

Ok, guys - a little departure from the norm here but I think…
Tracker Alert

Tracker Alert – Sector 5

We have reason to believe Santa may be in Sector 5 at this time.…
Time to Get to Work

Time to Get to Work

Fellow elves of Sector 5, awaken and arise! I send you greetings…
Finding Santa

Report Form for Finding Santa

As we promised earlier last week we now have activated a report…
Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus Stands in for Santa

Mrs. Claus has taken charge in the absence of Santa Claus while…

Radio News Highlight

North Pole Radio News Anchor Al Pyne learns of a close encounter with Santa at a skate park in Oklahoma City.

Tracker Elves

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