Elf Count Update for July

Elf Count Update for July

The Elf Count update for July is as follows by sector:

Sector 1 – 7.4 million = +4%
Sector 2 – 3.2 million = +5%
Sector 3 – 17.4 million = +6%
Sector 4 – 11.3 million = +1%
Sector 5 – 19.0 million = +12%

Total – 58.5 million = +7%

The breakdown worldwide in freelance elves vs North Pole elves is:

Freelance – 44.6 million – 3%
North Pole –  13.8 million – 19%

This is a very good beginning to the recruiting season. Congratulations to all elves in all sectors for their good work.

Please recognize these totals reflect tallies from all North Pole websites in all languages and cultures. We have in less than a month made up the shortfall in seasonal adjustments made last month and have surpassed the record established last December 23rd. Every mark going forward each month will represent a new record. This is outstanding news. We did not expect to achieve this for another month.

Santa’s stated goal for tracker elves in 2021 is 200 million. This aggressive (crazy) goal will require double digit increases every day, week, and month of the season.

We need better performance specifically in Sectors 1 and 4. We know that as we go along we will see greater growth in the freelance elf numbers than we will in the North Pole elf numbers. That’s okay – an elf is an elf.

Please seek direction from your elf supervisor, the Department of Elf Resources and other elves such as Elf Ivy Holley for how to achieve these numbers.

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Elf Flip Beanz
Elf Flip is an accountant and analyst at North Pole Flight Command. He has certified as an enumerator in the North Pole Census and has a masters degree from Southern North Pole University in Accounting and Numerology. He helps to determine the need of elves at the North Pole and all around the world. He also works with the Public Relations Department to share news and information about the number of elves in Santa's employ.
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Elf Cookie Dough

Wow that’s a lot of Elves Sector 5 is doing good

Elf Ullrich

Sector 5 is doing good! I hope the rest of the Sectors can catch up!